In a word this is ‘drop dead’ lovely.…I’ve always felt that God is a very hip Lord, attuned to great harmony, melody as well as inventing compelling, artistic, and intellectual musical ideas for our edification, et al. With the addition of strings and the Gregorian-esque vocal choir, how can anyone not love this CD propject?  Ike Sturm has succeeded in ‘saying much’ as it were in a very small space of time with an engaging, clear, and complex, (albeit simple) musical theme that is yet particularly delicate and subtle. The whole movement is a masterpiece of imaginative and inventive understatement. Although a serious undertaking, it still contains all the essence of our beloved jazz idiom with its liveliness and rhythmic energy. The project is particularly lovely in its passionate intensity and lyrical grace. This is a singularly beautiful and canonic musical statement that ultimately becomes a wholly delightful effort of charm and warm tenderness the more it is played.

- George W Carroll, Ejazz News


AuthorPhil Price